American Documentary Film Festival

Mar. 30 - Apr. 04, 2016

Palm Springs, CA

Sacramento Film Festival

April 24, 2016

Sacramento, CA

#BeRobinTheMovie is a documentary about Margaret Cho's homeless outreach campaign inspired by the philanthropy of Robin Williams. Driven by the simple philosophy of, "If you have, give," Cho and friends inspired hundreds to donate directly to the homeless population by busking in San Francisco, one of the world's most affluent cities. 


STARRING: Margaret Cho, Michael Pritchard, Rick Overton, Bob Mould, Gerri Lawlor, Debi Durst. Directed by Kurt Weitzmann.

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#BeRobinTheMovie - Teaser 2

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#BeRobinTheMovie - A Drag

#BeRobinTheMovie - Trailer 1