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#BeRobin The Movie

Director & Screenwriter:  Kurt Weitzmann

Genre:  Documentary (Short)


Starring: Margaret Cho, Michael Pritchard, Rick Overton, Bob Mould, Gerri Lawlor, and Debi Durst


#BeRobin The Movie is an amazing documentary about Margaret Cho’s homeless outreach campaign, inspired by the philanthropy of Robin Williams.

After the death of her friend Robin Williams, Margaret Cho took to the streets of San Francisco with the mantra “Don’t grieve Robin, BE Robin.” Margaret began busking on a corner in the Haight-Ashbury District with a guitar case. From there, #BeRobin exploded into hundreds of musicians, comedians, and activists offering food, clothes, money, and awareness in an amazing humanitarian street theater experience. 

This film captured the exuberance and spirit of these events. It is not only entertaining, but deeply moving; above all else, it is an inspiring call to action.          


Directors & Screenwriter: Kurt Weitzmann

Genre:  Thriller (Short)


Last Call is the story of a “regular” who is trying to hang on as the last threads of his life unravel. A pathetic and desperate man, cut off during last call in his neighborhood bar, pulls a gun and holds the young and ineffectual bartender hostage with the threat of his own suicide. After a feeble attempt at consoling the patron, the focus turns to the young man behind the bar, and a dangerous game of psychological warfare begins and ends with two lives crashing down in a number of unforeseen circumstances. Last Call is both a psychological game of cat and mouse and an allegory for a changing world. “Human nature is always a negative term.”


“Believably written, deftly directed and beautifully acted LAST CALL captures the desperation and complexity of the human experience in microcosm, suggesting that, after nearly 20 years of comedy, Weitzmann may have another calling”. -Silke Tudor, SF Weekly 

In Gods We Trust

Playwright:  Kurt Weitzmann

Genre:  Full Length Play - Comedy


In Gods We Trust is a comedy about a right-wing religious lobbyist who is brought back to Ancient Rome by the goddess Diana to lobby for the gods.


At a Washington fundraiser Carl meets Diana-- against his better judgment, Carl is enchanted by the goddess as she tells him her twin brother Apollo would give Carl all that he desired if he came back to Ancient Rome and lobby for the gods who are dying out.


Carl is transported back during the rise of Christianity, where he finds a parallel universe with the same actors playing the Senator, the Page, and Carl’s co-lobbyist Dave.


Apollo and Diana’s father Jupiter meet Carl, fighting their first instinct is to destroy him, as Diana convinces them that Carl is there to help; they agree that if Carl succeeds in making them powerful again, his life will be spared.


Carl soon learns of the dangers of being a Christian in Ancient Rome as the Senator steps up the crucifixions against the “Christian terrorists.” Caught between two power structures and torn between helping the rise of Christianity and saving Diana with whom he has fallen in love (despite her sexual preferences), Carl must fight for his life along with his last semblance of faith. Matters are compounded when Diana brings back Carl’s wife Tammy, who convinces Bacchus to join a twelve-step program and help the Christian cause after he is introduced to his “higher power.”


In the end Carl must make the difficult choice of helping the evil Senator rise to power by using the Christians as a political tool, or to save Diana, thus stopping the rise of Christianity.  Or is there another way?

The Abnormal Psychology of God

Playwright:  Kurt Weitzmann

Genre:  Political Thriller​


An evangelical psychology Student finds herself in an unexpected audience with the president of the United States. At first it seems we are witnessing a sinister seduction, but we soon find that the president is seeking council on his dangerously fragile mental state. Before long we begin to wonder who is seducing whom. 

This award winning play is speckled with dark humor and built on the foundations of a bankrupt morality that seems at once too horrible to believe and yet strikingly familiar. The Abnormal Psychology of God is a very fun ride.




Genre:  Short Drama



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