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Queer Wedding Documentaries

More than words. More than Photos. More than videos.

It started with short films...

It started with award-winning short films, including a documentary about Margaret Cho and Friends in the Bay Area who decided to help the homeless of San Francisco...then as members of the LGBTQ community, the #PrideJoyLegacy Team was ignited by a passion to film loving couples and put them "in your face" so that everyone could see once and for all how #LoveIsLove as we take action to chip away at bigotry. 


We contend that greater visibility is what will help friends and relatives understand that love remains the most important family value.





We're award-winning filmmakers.

We create a documentary of the journey that brought you to your special day, with the loving support of the most important relationships in your lives, resulting in a lasting legacy that captures the defining moment of your ceremony and reception  

- a film that will become a lasting family heirloom.

How is this done?


We film a couple's wedding ceremony and reception, so that guests can put away their phones and cameras, and enjoy being in the moment WITH them— and we film interviews with the most important people in their lives, weaving them into the special moments throughout the ceremony and reception, which culminates in a cohesive narrative to be enjoyed for years to come.

#PrideJoyLegacy films highly personalized Queer wedding documentaries that focus on the couple, as well as their ceremony and reception.

We’re ready to film your Queer Wedding Documentary.

Are YOU ready?

In our vision of the near future, bigotry aimed at the LGBTQ community no longer exists.
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