Queer Wedding Documentaries


It started with short films...

 Then a documentary about Margaret Cho and Friends in the Bay Area

who decided to help the homeless of San Francisco...

then friends began to ask us whether we would consider making documentaries of gay weddings, because (and then the litany of confessions came pouring out):

“we wished we’d hired professionals to record our wedding...”

“we hired professionals, but they only took pictures...it just isn’t the same as watching video footage...”


“we hired professionals, but they only recorded the ceremony and the reception...”

“I love my sister, but I stopped feeling like a guest at the wedding...you know, in the moment with everyone else, when I had to take pictures and video...”

You’re the revolution we’ve been waiting for.


Our team of award-winning LGBTQ filmmakers and editors is personally invested in telling your stories, as our way of bringing us all forward to a day when #LoveWINS.

As members of the LGBTQ community, the #PrideJoyLegacy team was ignited by a passion to film loving couples and put them "in your face" so that everyone could see once and for all how #LoveIsLove as we take action to chip away at bigotry.

We contend that greater visibility is what will help friends and relatives understand that hate is not a family value.

We're award-winning filmmakers.

We film a couple's Queer wedding documentary, so that guests can put away their phones and cameras, and enjoy being in the moment WITH you— we film interviews with the most important people in your lives, and weave them into the special moments throughout the ceremony and reception.

#PrideJoyLegacy films highly personalized Queer wedding documentaries that focus on the couple, and not just the ceremony and reception.

We’re ready to film your Queer Wedding Documentary.

Are YOU ready?

In our vision of the near future, bigotry aimed at the LGBTQ community no longer exists.
Now, let us tell your story