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Queer Wedding Documentaries


Reimagine your traditional wedding video format into an intimate, personal documentary.

Boiling Frog Entertainment, LLC's

#PrideJoyLegacy is a business of award-winning filmmakers who provide distinctive wedding videography services, taking great pride in serving the LGBTQ+ community. Co-owners Kurt Weitzmann and M. Thaddeus “Mar” Ronquillo are driven to capture each couple’s entire wedding journey, including joys and struggles along the way. With this caliber of wedding documentary, you can cherish every perfect moment in the years to come.


#PrideJoyLegacy goes beyond the traditional format. You can anticipate a deep and individual wedding documentary as this team takes interviews with your loved ones about key events along the way. These personal accounts along with footage of your ceremony and reception will be crafted into a captivating story of your wedding journey. All footage will be taken in 4K video through multiple cameras, with aerial drones available for additional coverage. Your wedding documentary can be made available as a digital download and on USB flash and hard drives.

Our cameras focus on YOU

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More than words. More than Photos. More than videos.

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