Queer Wedding Documentaries


We have found that the very best advice is to plan ahead.


Congratulations on setting your wedding date!


As part of your planning, we recommend that you shop around and call at least two videographers before we talk to you. That way, you will have a better understanding of how our documentary service differs from your other options.

When you are ready, we encourage you to fill this form so that our team can best assist you.

We will send you a link shortly after, which will take you to an online scheduling app where you can choose a date and time most convenient for you to receive a short video conference call, so that you have a chance to actually meet a member of our team face-to-face and have a meaningful conversation about which #PrideJoyLegacy package is right for you.

We at #PrideJoyLegacy look forward to hearing from you, so fill out this form and click on "Submit" right away!

Please tell us about your special day
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